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Friday, July 16, 2010

WANTED! Somebody know his name?

All I know is that in these pictures he was in America's Got Talent, Season 4, Finale, on day 14/09/2009.
If you know anything about him, please, let me know!


Jack said...

That's my former boyfriend. We dated for about a year but I broke up with him. He would only agree to have sex three or four times a day and I wanted it more frequently.

A. Hunter said...

You're right, I simply can't handle with that too!

Andy Monroe said...

His name is James Ellis. He's a well-known fitness model.

A. Hunter said...

Thank you so much Andy!!!
We gonna have a lot of James here!

Anonymous said...

We're friends on facebook. haha. And he has videos on youtube. His friend, Tyler Sarry is also hot.

A. Hunter said...

By the way I'm the only one who don't knew him
And yes, Tyler Sarry is fuckin hot!
Thanks for the tip! ;)

Anonymous said...

He works out at the Sherman Oaks 24hr fitness. I see him all the time!

Charlie Rich said...

James Ellis - claims to be strait on the blogs -but seriously I know he can be convinced to fuck after you give him a real good blow