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Sunday, November 7, 2010



Anonymous said...

this stunning hunk has been my favourite on for YEARS already / I was so very
surprised to see him in one of the new Titan-
vids ( think it is *Stockroom* ) ... he was just
made for doing porn someday ... and oh boys :
he IS SO HOT !!

glorious9er said...

Yeah, that handsome face, great bod caught my eye long time ago, too Got a big cock, too

Anonymous said...

Bob is a Top. So he's a DILFM! I would so love to see his scenes in "Stockroom"!


Anonymous said...

Wait, this guy is Jim Ferro?

Anonymous said...

This muscle hunk is a SEX GOD! The epitome of masculinity... and exactly what wet dreams are made of!

Anonymous said...

I have heard about this guy.He thinks he is hot_shit. He's half right.

A. Hunter said...

HALF right! LOL

straight loads said...

he's def. a favorite & already part of my blog too.
thanks for sharing!

A. Hunter said...

Glad for that, Straight Loads.
Your blog is one of my favorites man!