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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Extra pics:

You can see two videos added in old posts from Pavel, clicking here and here.
(Thanks to visitor John S.)


Anonymous said...

Pavel is the greatest. Anybody know if he has done anything new since his trouble in Cuba in 2009?

A. Hunter said...


I don't know nothing about him. Even this "Cuba trouble" that you mention. Can you describle it for us?

Anonymous said...

Pavel Novotny is the greatest gay porn star of all time. He should be about 33 now, so may not be performing anymore. Czech, tall, good looking, muscular, huge uncut cock. He is famous for shooting huge loads of cum, literally shooting it every time. Does bottom as well as top. Lots of videos and pics available on the net. He was in Cuba in 2009 with a gay buddy. They got into some trouble at the Havana airport, were arrested, and spent about 8 months in jail before being released. George Michael (WHAM and public bathroom fame) helped get them released.

A. Hunter said...

Wow! I didn't know that!
I can only imagine what George Michael asked in return ...

Anonymous said...

From what I have read, George Michael and Pavel's buddy are together now. So, George Michael didn't necessarily help to get Pavel out of jail, but who knows? One can only imagine what happened after Pavel and friend got out of jail with George's help. I think I would want to spring Pavel for at least one session in return with him, no?