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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Made in Brazil - BRUNO SPINELLI

Hey guys, I just got some nude pics of Bruno.
Let's see how many reactions this post is gonna have and I'll think when I can publish it! Deal?!
Extra pics:
Also, I added some new photos in some old Bruno's posts, 
you can check this clicking here and here


wingnux said...

Bruno's really hot! He works as an escort boy here in Rio de Janeiro and there are some pretty hot webcam videos of him around the web.

A. Hunter said...

Ah é? Quer dizer que ele é GP?!
Ok, talvez tenha sido inocência minha não ter desconfiado antes...
Esse é um daqueles raros casos em que vale a pena pagar, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Is that really true? And how can u get intouch with him

Anonymous said...

wingnux Não Acho legal você ficar defamando os Caras!!Você dá para todos e depois fala que comeu...Se liga Otário....