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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Made in Brazil - BRUNO SPINELLI

Breaking news, guys. 
I chatted with Bruno online just a few days ago! He thought that I was a girl (I made he think that with some fake pictures...) and I saw him naked (hard on) in the webcam, and yes, he's fuckin hot! 
It was a long chat until he makes me open my webcam telling him that I´m not the rich girl that he thought that I was. 
Yep, he's looking for a rich woman for a serious relation$hip plenty of luxury and ostentation.
He's definitely hot, but he also has the mental age of a 13 years teenage.
Extra pics:
If you guys want to have more details about the chat, let me know.


wingnux said...

Ele realmente eh um tesão e, como ja disse aqui, por um "patrocinio" da pra traçar o rapazote.

CVH said...

Something tells me he'd be gay for the right price .

A. Hunter said...


Pois é, eu tb pensei isso.
Mas acredite: teclei c o cara mais de 2h, e enquanto pensava q eu era M ele foi indo numa boa. Depois de descobrir que eu sou H, pulou fora na hora, não importando qto oferecesse p ele...

A. Hunter said...

CVH: I tryed man, but it doesn't work!

Anonymous said...

Onde voces conseguiram o e-mail dele? me passa!! ahahaha

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